Importance of Sanitary pads vending machines.

Twenty-three per cent of adolescent girls drop out of school since proper facilities are not provided to them when they are menstruating and the women feel embrace to talk on such topic in public. In schools, girls don't have access to functional toilets, access to clean water and proper sanitation and disposable facilities. In India, about 23 per cent of girls drop out of school when they start menstruating due to which they can’t focus on their academic studies and there is no overall development. A large percentage of women are forced to use old cloth, newspapers and even mud during menstruation. To overcome these problems sanitary pads are to be used, they are safe and hygiene.

This machine has many features like –
1. It is Automatic and user friendly.
2. It is coin operated and has battery backup.
3. Storage capacity – 30,50,100 Pads.
4. Coins used in Rupees – 1, 2, 5.
5. The Pads are folded.
6. Where is it available – Corporate Offices, Malls, Shopping Centers, Hospitals, Schools and Colleges.
7. Due to Sanitary pad vending machine, there is Privacy and Independence.
8. Round the clock available.
9. No more stress, or embarrassment.

Sanitary pads vending machine helps females to easy access for sanitary pads. Just by inserting 2 or 5 rupee coin into the machine the sanitary pad is available. Such machines are installed at various places for women. These machines come in two types manual and automatic depending on the requirement. Government has undertaken various schemes to promote such vending machines for a woman which in turn gives a boost to women empowerment. Various schools, colleges, corporates, women public toilets,etc have installed such machines, Kerala became the first state to install these machines in government schools. Under “Swach Bharat Mission” it is of prime importance to install such machines at respective places along with Sanitary incinerators.